Add attendees

As an attendee enters the room, you don't need to reconfigure the calculator. Just press the + (plus) buton and the cost for that person starts to take it's toll.

Send your reports

No need to keep the details to yourself. Tap the 'Share' Link above the total and email your contacts the total cost of the meeting.

Tweet to your heart's content

Authorize this app to tweet and then the total cost of the meeting is pasted directly into the tweet screen. Add your own comment and then press 'send.'

But wait, there's more!

  • An interesting feature that wasn't listed above but is nice.
  • This is another one. It's nice and clients should know of it.
  • And yet another. They just keep coming.
  • The last feature listed here. Still it's great.

What others are saying

  • Fun!
    Ok, so meetings aren't fun, but this app is.– by d112345
  • Elegant delivery. Powerful concept.
    I've always asked myself, "what is this meeting costing the organization?" Now I can get a ballpark figure with the touch of a few buttons. The app is well designed. It functions as promised and the design only enhances the functionality.– Lovetostudy
  • I hate meetings
    Very eye opening. Functionality is great and simple to use.– Josifsigns


  • iPhone OS 3.0+ software.
  • To tweet and send email the app requires an iPhone or iPod that has an internet connection.